Sant Seva


Seva is a great equalizer. Through seva we learn to put our opinions and ideas aside as we learn to submit to others. Submission and surrender are the real benefits of seva, through which we learn how to let go of pride and arrogance.

Annadan serves hundreds of people with time to time meals. Annadan runs on daily basis, where everyone gets proper and healthy meals. Everyday more than 300 people have bhojan Prasad in ashram which is prepared in ashram bhojanalay . All the measures of hygiene are taken to prepare Prasad bhojan as it is strictly vaishnav.

With proper care of diabetic patients . Also morning breakfast /tea and evening tea and snacks are served in annadan to everyone at no cost. Vegetables prepared in bhojan Prasad are from ashrams organic farm. We wish to have a bigger space for kitchen with latest and big cooking equipments, as our bhakt family is increasing every day.

Many people come in ashram to celebrate their parents, kids or their own birthdays or anniversary by doing annadan among ashram mata pita or vedic school kids or in gau shala in a proper Indian way which of course makes it most memorable for them.

Sadhu, Sant and Fakkad Seva

Sant Seva

We serve food to Sadhu, Sant, Fakkad & Vanar, (Jal Seva in summer) at Kamadgiri parikrama marg, Kamta Nath Dham, Chitrakoot, 1 Person Food Rs. 51, 11 Person Kit Rs. 501